Customer Info

Department: Chalmette Refining, L.L.C.
City: Chalmette
State: Louisiana
Chief: Chief Mark Ellinwood

Truck Info

Type: Inundator Super Pumper
Chassis: Inferno
Body: Extruded Aluminum Body
Pump: Rear Mount - US Fire Pumps HVP 6000 GPM bronze rear mount pump, Four 8” rear steamer inlets, One 12” rear steamer inlet, Left and right side 3” foam inlets, Right side 2.5” foam concentrate discharge, Two 6” discharges, 4” left and right side deck gun discharges with TFT Monsoon 2000 GPM wireless remote monitors, 8” deck gun plumbing with TFT Tsunami 8000 GPM monitor with wireless remote controls
Foam: FoamPro Accumax 3300 multi-point foam injection system, Edwards 300 GPM foam pump, 900 gallon poly foam tank
Tank: N/A
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