Ferrara’s custom cabs are built with extruded aluminum roll cage framework in the roof, side walls, door jams and floor. This heavy duty framework is reinforced with all 3/16″ thick, marine grade aluminum walls, ceiling, floor and engine tunnel. The cab doors also have 3/16″ thick aluminum skin with a full perimeter welded frame. The cab has been put through front impact test and load test in accordance of the ECE-R29 standard. In these tests, the cab exceed standard requirements while staying attached to the frame and remaining intact.


The Ferrara custom chassis are built with heavy duty components such as the frame rails which are rated over 2 million RBM and it have stainless steel battery boxes. Other safety features include an armored front bumper with 1/4″ steel back plate, stainless steel battery box, and bulkhead fittings for air and hydraulic lines.

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