Chassis: Inferno up to 605 hp
Igniter up to 450 hp
Body: Formed aluminum
Compartments: Traditional TDA style compartments up to 27.5” deep upper and transverse lower beneath the ladder tunnel Compartment layout is customizable so the tiller operator has optimal visibility
Ladder Storage: Each ladder complement is custom designed to your needs. Carry 200' or more in the ladder tunnel plus more over each trailer wheel
Ladder and Reach: Both models: 4-section tractor drawn aerial, -2° to +75° operational envelope
TD-100: 100’ vertical reach; 92’ 10” horizontal reach
TD-101: 101’ vertical reach; 94’ 2” horizontal reach
Rated Load Capacity: TD-100: 500 pounds dry/500 pounds flowing 1000 GPM through 3” hose and removable ladder pipe
500 pounds flowing 1000 GPM: 500 pounds dry/500 pounds flowing 1500 GPM through pre-piped waterway
Both models: No restrictions on waterway monitor or aerial positioning while flowing capacity
Warranty: 10 year cab and body structural, 20 year aerial structural, 10 year aerial waterway
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