Ferrara’s high capacity Super Pumper™ has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) confirmation for a flow capability of 6256 gallons per minute from draft at a discharge pressure of 125 PSI. Ferrara has once again exceeded the record for pump performance. The actual performance test has been documented and witnessed by both Underwriters Laboratories and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office.

With this new increased flow capability, fire departments will no longer be limited to the standard industrial rating of 100 percent capacity at only 100 PSI net discharge pressure. Breaking the 100 PSI ceiling has been made possible with the unit’s new HPV6000 pump from US Fire Pump. With four 8-inch and one 12-inch intake connections, the ability to be remotely supplied from mega hydrants is now feasible.

Other features of the Ferrara Super Pumper™ include:

  • Triple threat deck gun system offering an incredible 8000 GPM main gun and dual rear 2000 GPM configuration
  • A rear mount pump configuration allowing for protection from potential supply and discharge lines, ease of establishing supply lines to the pump and a quieter operating environment
  • Wireless remote control of all guns for ease of use to insure the application of large streams are safely and efficiently deployed on the fire ground
  • The HPV6000’s patent-pending Pressurized Lubrication System that allows for pressurized lubrication to be applied at all shaft bearing points for increased life and durability of bearings
  • A shorter, more maneuverable 185-inch wheelbase and an overall length of just 33’-2.75”, making it an ideal choice for older and “tighter” facilities
  • A foam concentrate tank capacity of 900 gallons
  • A 300 GPM multi-point direct injection foam system that reduces increased flow restrictions, including driver and passenger side foam inlet/flush connections
  • A total of four 6-inch LDH discharges, dual 2.5-inch rear discharges, and dual rear 1.75-inch preconnect discharges

“Ferrara and US Fire Pump first took on these challenges with the introduction of the Super Pumper™ and HVP5500 Pump just a few short years ago,” said Brad Williamson, Ferrara Industrial Products Manager. “Both companies are on the forefront of new product development and innovation with the Super Pumper™.”

Ferrara’s Super Pumper™ meets the higher flow requirements that industrial hazards firefighters are facing today at petrochemical processing and refining, and is also ideal for municipalities with large fire load facilities such as warehouse districts, shopping malls, shipping docks, tunnels, tank farms, or for mass disaster response requirements.