A mutual-aid exercise in the New York-New Jersey area has broken a new Guinness world record with the help of an Inundator Super Pumper demo unit.

Working together with a number of pumps that included the FDNY’s Fire Boat 343, 15 area fire departments and other agencies collectively produced a record-breaking total water flow of 185,485lpm (49,000gpm) over an estimated 152m.

The annual Big Flow drill offers area fire departments and industrial emergency responders that are part of the Neptune Task Force the opportunity to train together. The consortium, which takes its name from the National Foam Neptune submersible pumping system that delivers nearly 20,000lpm (5,000gpm) of water, includes industrial organisations such as Phillips 66 and International Matrix Tank Terminals.

The new world record broken in June was aided in no small way by Ferrara’s Super Pumper demo unit, which flowed around 37,800 litres per minute (10,000gpm) during the exercise – over a fifth of the total water flow.

The Ferrara Inundator Super Pumper set the Guinness world record for the highest pumping capacity fire engine in 2015 by reaching a UL-verified flow rate of 20,789lpm (5,492gpm) while drafting water from a nearby source.

Other equipment used at Port Newark’s Berth 25 included an industrial pumper from Phillip 66’s Borger refinery, which was flowing around 15,000lpm (4,000gpm) of water from its rear monitors, and which was fed by a US Fire Pump (3,000gpm) submersible pump.

“It’s an honour to participate in such an important drill alongside these emergency responders. We couldn’t be prouder of the performance of our equipment,” said Brad Williamson, industrial sales for Ferrara. “We will walk away from this event learning more about the needs are of our first responders in a catastrophic event and for that we will be a stronger more innovative company. It’s an added bonus that we now also hold a world record.”

The mutual aid exercise, which this year involved over 100 emergency responders, is made possible by a partnership between the New Jersey Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and local industry in and around the New York Harbour.

“Having a strong working relationship between industry and municipal fire departments is critical to effective emergency response,” commented Chief Fred Fretz, spokesperson for the New Jersey UASI.

The UASI Grant Programme was introduced in 2003 by the US Department of Homeland Security and it provides financial assistance to address the equipment, training, planning, and exercise needs of large urban areas. It also provides assistance in building an enhanced and sustainable capacity to prevent, protect, respond, and recover from threats or acts of terrorism as well as planning for catastrophic events.

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