Here is an overview of Ferrara Fire Apparatus line of fire and emergency vehicles.  As you can tell from this list, Ferrara is truly America's premier manufacturer of premium custom fire apparatus.

  • Custom fire chassis:  Ferrara’s Inferno XD extreme duty chassis is built with a roll cage, extruded aluminum cab and crash tested to nearly 3 times that specified by ECE-29 standards.  Other features on the Inferno XD, and its cousin the Igniter XD, include extra-low cab step heights, all aluminum dash and instrument panel, armored front bumper, Independent Front Suspension, Roll Stability Control, Complete Airbag Protection, and SmartWheel steering systems. 

  • Heavy duty custom pumpers and tankers: Pumpers are available in a traditional design, or as a multi-purpose heavy rescue pumper.  Ferrara's skilled sales reps and engineers will work with you to design the exact type of pumper or tanker you need to meet your needs.  Whether it's a heavy duty custom pumper or rescue pumper, or a commercial chassis pumper, Ferrara takes your requirements into consideration when building your new fire apparatus.

  • Rear-mount aerial ladders:  Ferrara offers 6 different types of rear mount aerials.  A 57’ heavy duty, 2-section ladder; a 77’ heavy duty 3-section ladder; a 100’ super heavy duty, 1500 pound tip load, 3-section ladder; a 102’ low travel height, 4-section ladder; a 107’ heavy duty, 4-section ladder; and a 127’ heavy duty, 4-section ladder.  All of the heavy duty aerials, whether rear or mid-mount, have waterways capable of flowing 1250 GPM with a 500 pound tip load, while maintaining a 2:1 safety factor.

  • Mid-mount, heavy duty aerial ladder: featuring a 100’ vertical reach using a 5-section ladder.

  • Rear-mount, heavy duty aerial platforms: in heavy duty 85’ and 100’ lengths.

  • Mid-mount heavy duty aerial platforms: in 85’ and 100’ lengths.  All of Ferrara’s aerial platforms have a 1000 pound tip load dry or 500 pound tip load flowing 1500 GPM.  The 85’ mid-mount is a very exciting product.  The heavy duty aerial platform has a 5-section design, making it capable of achieving an overall length under 44’ with a travel height under 10’ 5”. 

  • Strong Arm fire and rescue vehicle: an articulating and telescopic extreme duty aerial device capable of flowing 1500 GPM and lifting 1,800 to 10,000 pounds.  The Fifth Man Nozzle is made from hardened stainless steel.  With 50 individual jets, the Fifth Man Nozzle is perfectly suited for aspirating foam and creating a superior blanket of protection.  Additionally, the hardened stainless steel nozzle is capable of breaking through concrete walls and roofs, corrugated steel containers, burglar bars and other obstructions routinely encountered by fire fighters.  The extreme lifting capacity make the Strong Arm a great tool for collapse or high angle rescue operations.

  • Heavy rescue, haz-mat and incident command vehicles:  Ferrara builds traditional walk-around and walk-in rescue trucks, custom built to the fire department’s specifications.   Additionally, Ferrara offers an increasingly popular line up of incident command trailers and heavy rescue trailers.  The trailers are very popular with not only fire departments, but also police, emergency management, homeland security and other first responders.

Ferrara also offers the popular STAT series of program commercial pumpers and tankers, custom pumpers and 77’ aerial quints.  All of these trucks give you Ferrara’s extreme duty construction at a price that suited for any department’s budget.

Ferrara has offered 24-hour service and warranty support for years.  Ferrara’s can-do attitude and ability to customize a chassis, cab and body to their customers’ exact needs has allowed them to move into many large, metropolitan fire departments.  Indianapolis, Houston, FDNY, San Francisco, San Diego County, Columbus, Palm Beach County, San Jose, Baton Rouge, Hartford, Knoxville, Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Monroe represent just a few of the many large departments that rely on Ferrara for their emergency responses.

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