Aerial Platforms

Maximizing rescue and firefighting capabilities

Ferrara’s mid-mount and rear mount platforms are available in 85’ and 100’ lengths. Each is designed with outstanding features that give you flexibility to design the right apparatus for your specific needs. Some of the features that customers cite as advantages to the Ferrara mid-mount platform include:

Platform Features

Total Vision
Total Vision Panel

Ferrara's exciting new Total Vision panel for aerial apparatus provides critical information for both incident command and firefighters. As the aerial ladder or platform moves, its position is constantly updated and displayed on the Total Vision color LCD screen, both digitally and graphically.
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Platform Control Station

The platform control station is at the front-center of the platform so the operator may easily view the effect of water streams, the position of the platform during close building work and to position personnel for rescue operations.

Platform Controls

Ferrara’s Platform Speed Selector provides slow, medium and high speed settings for smooth operations. The operator can shift the speed setting while moving the aerial ladder, making it extremely easy to position the platform next to a building.

Platform aerial controls have a built-in ramping feature to prevent a sudden stop or start and overall smooth aerial operation for firefighters in the platform.

500 Pound Rappelling Arm
Turntable Control Panel

Whether it’s for training or a real emergency, a 500 pound rappelling arm is an excellent addition to any Ferrara platform. The arm swings out perpendicular to the platform face and creates a safe, sure path for fire rescue personnel to rappel down.

When the rescue is complete, the arm swings back parallel to the platform face and creates a stokes mounting bracket. Tie down clips and straps are also provided as part of the rappelling arm system.

Parapet Ladder Bracket
Platform Controls

Ferrara’s parapet ladder bracket quickly and easily attaches to the front of the platform. A six-point mounting system gives you confidence knowing the ladder is securely in place and ready for you to safely access a parapet roof or other difficult structure.

Platform Scene Lighting

Our platforms are available with a variety of scene lighting, in both 12 and 120 volt. Popular choices are dual 12 volt LED or 120 volt quartz landing lights under the platform and 120 volt removable tripod lights on the back of the platform. Other options include 12 volt LED spot/flood lights and Go Light remote control spot lights on the platform face.

If you want to see what’s going on when no one is in the platform, have us install a color camera with an LCD monitor on the turntable.

85 Foot Mid Mount Platform HD-85 Mid Mount Platform

If your fire house has both height and length limitations, the HD-85 is the answer. This unit is smaller in all the right places to fit in the station.  Learn More...
85 HD-85 Rear Mount Platform

If you need a smaller overall length and shorter wheelbase in a rear mount, the HD-85 rear mount platform is an excellent choice.. Learn More...

100 Foot Mid Mount Platform HD-100 Mid Mount Platform

Many departments looking at mid mount platforms also want a true 100’ aerial to maximize points for ISO inspections. Learn More...
100 foot rear mount platform HD-100 Rear Mount Platform
100,000 PSI Steel!

When it comes to industry leading aerial performance, a spacious body full of compartments and a cab with flexible sizes, look no further.
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